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Mottet Wealth is proud to be an independent investment advisor empowered by more than three decades of experience, advanced technology and fully supported by strategic partners to deliver real value.

Part of my experience and wisdom means I understand and appreciate the benefits of a purpose-built community. Surrounding yourself with the right kind of people who can elevate your work is always a good idea, no matter the field you are in.

As such, I have carefully selected two providers who help to enhance the services I offer to clients. They form my core network so I can provide you with a continually impeccable service and streamlined client experience. It’s all about getting you to where you want to go with as much ease and efficiency as possible.

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Morningstar Investment Services, Inc. provides advisors with a money management program called Morningstar® Managed Portfolios℠ (MMP). I have chosen to partner with Morningstar Investment Services, Inc. due to their unbiased approach and solid investment research.

Through this program I receive mutual fund knowledge and investment strategy resources of Morningstar, Inc. with the experienced investment skills of Morningstar Investment Services. MMP features a wide range of asset allocation portfolios strategically developed to meet different investment objectives, time horizons and risk levels.

Morningstar Investment Services provide all appropriate mutual fund selection and monitoring of such funds. This results in a powerful and convenient investment solution to help effectively manage your investments.

I have access to no-load mutual fund portfolios, ETF portfolios as well as individual Select Stock portfolios through this money management program. Morningstar Investment Services also provides a client web portal with secure online account access.


The Morningstar name and logo are registered marks of Morningstar, Inc., Morningstar® Managed Portfolios℠ is offered by Morningstar Investment Services, Inc., a registered investment advisor, and is intended for citizens or legal residents of the United States or its territories. This program can only be offered by a registered investment advisor or investment advisor representative. Morningstar Investment Services is not affiliated with this advisor. The video depicts the experience of Doug Mottet and may not represent the experience of all Morningstar Investment Services clients. Morningstar Investment Services is not responsible for the accuracy of these comments.
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Right Capital provides multifaceted software for financial planning. With this unique system, I can provide account aggregation for my clients with a clear outline of their holdings and easy review of their investment allocations.

Many of my younger clients utilize this software for budgeting purposes and planning; essentially creating their own financial plan. This is currently available at no additional cost as an added benefit of working with Mottet Wealth, and helps to keep my clients organized and focused as well as involved in the process.

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