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How It Works

At Mottet Wealth I believe transparency is key to building a successful and long lasting client relationship – and that starts right now. That’s why I wanted to present a very clear overview of what the journey to becoming a Mottet Wealth client looks like, and what happens next.

In my approach to investment management I address two main issues: How can you do better with the money that you already have, and how can I help you accumulate more money in the future? These issues are approached in a manner that not only aims to get you the best results, but that also makes managing your money as simple and stress free as possible.

My goal is not to become the largest RIA in Kansas City. Rather, I value open and honest relationships with my clients that stand the test of time. I believe in serving every client in a very meaningful way, helping them to save now to live better later. I typically get to know my clients very well and many even become friends.

I offer help with the transfer of IRA accounts, both individual and joint accounts as well as Trust accounts. This eliminates the awkwardness of having to let your current advisor know you are making a move. If you would like to get a second opinion on your current financial situation, I welcome the chance to discuss how I may be able to help.


Who I Help

Most of my clients are high level executives or small business owners, in the 40-75 year old age bracket and either retired or well into their working years. Regardless of age, they are always young at heart. The majority have been good savers and are more conservative with their financial decision making – they are not big risk takers.

Two of their biggest concerns are: will I have enough money to enjoy in retirement and will my family legacy be fulfilled. Some may not even like to talk about money but know it is important for their overall planning. They like the idea of the solutions I provide to their problems.

Their wealth was built by living below their means and by deferring gratification. Many have the ability to manage their own money but value the expertise of a professional which frees up their time for more relaxing family events. They look forward to the day when they can spend more time enjoying the things they have worked very hard for.

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The Mottet Wealth Process

When you call me, you get me. You don’t get my assistant. I’m the one that answers the phone and I’m the one that puts your financial plan together. I am available 24/7 and am happy to schedule weekend appointments. I know that as incredibly busy people, my clients are not readily available during the week. Meetings can be held virtually, or if local to Kansas City, in the location of your choosing. I can also recommend estate attorneys and tax accountants.

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We begin with an initial meeting, either in person or virtually, to see if we are mutually a good fit. I will also take time to clearly explain my investment philosophy and process. It is also very helpful if I can gather current statements and other pertinent information from you, though sometimes this occurs in our second meeting.


You will be asked to complete a Client Profile so that I can then go back to my office and construct and run your proposal(s) for you. These are carefully constructed to suit your own specific needs – keeping your time horizons and risk tolerances in check. Your investment plan will be as unique as you are.


We will have an additional meeting to review your proposal(s) and fill out the necessary paperwork to get you officially signed on as a Mottet Wealth client. This can be done either in person with paper copies, or virtually with electronic documentation.

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Once you have officially become a client, your agreed proposal will be initiated. This proposal will include historic returns, best returns and worst returns in any given period. You will see a portfolio built from many highly researched companies all picked by Morningstar Investment Services.

I also work with a financial planning software called Right Capital, which has the ability to aggregate most any account. This provides you with a single login to your account, from where you can review any and all of your financial accounts. This helps you to become more organized and can help simplify your life.

I will monitor and review your investments diligently at regular intervals. I provide annual reviews and ongoing support. I answer any questions you may have along the way and offer guidance and reassurance during turbulent times. Additional counsel is provided as and when needed or requested.

If and when I feel it is applicable, I will also set up dollar-cost-averaging plans to invest your extra cash flow along the way, thus creating an investment machine that you continue to feed. I take a long-term view of your investments and focus on diversification, creating portfolios that fit your goals and risk tolerance.

My aim is to provide a reliable and trustworthy service of the utmost integrity, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your hard earned money is being well taken care of. I hope that our relationship will be a long lasting one, and that over time I will become both your ongoing consultant and friend.


How I Get Paid

As a fiduciary I am legally obligated to always place your best interests above my own. That is also why I choose to operate on a fee-only basis, and have done so since 1989 – being one of the first in my field to grow my business in such a client-centric manner.

I charge a percentage of assets based on your account value. All fees are shown and are very transparent – there are no hidden charges. My interests are aligned with yours, meaning that the more money I make for you, the more money I earn myself.

This is done through the Morningstar Investment Services. All checks are made payable to Fidelity Investments, our current custodian and I never take custody of any client assets.

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