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Purpose driven wealth management

Redefining financial wellbeing

I’m Doug Mottet, Founder of Mottet Wealth, proudly working as an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor since 1989. I help clients in Parkville, MO, Kansas City and beyond, serving as a fiduciary; so I can work for the client, not the firm.


How investing should feel


Did you know that the majority of people who seek professional investment advice have an 80% or greater probability of achieving a secure retirement?

This really excites me. It’s the driving force behind everything I do. It inspires me to keep learning and striving to be the very best I can. I take pride in relieving clients from doing all the research, freeing up their time for the things that really matter to them.

Most of my clients are planning for or already in retirement. Regardless of age, they are always young at heart and eager to live life to the fullest, free from financial worry. Many are high level executives or business owners who have worked hard for their money, and now want their money to work hard for them.


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Proud to do things differently

No matter who we are or what we do, our financial health underpins all elements of our lives. That’s why I’m passionate about helping you transform yours in a way that will help elevate all of your choices, both now and in the future. And because I am completely independent, I work on my own terms to serve YOUR best interests.

This is where financial planning and advocacy for better living merge. I take the time and make the space to really care about your unique financial story. I love to listen to the ups and downs that led you to this point, and help set in place a plan for your future that will truly benefit your life, not just the figure in your bank account.


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From farmer to finance

Born and raised on a farm in Brighton, Iowa, the lessons instilled in me through family values and country living gave me just the right perspective that I now use in my practice.

This duality of my upbringing balanced with my professional life enables me to relate to a wide range of people. I get to know my clients well and serve them without pretension, offering investment advice in a relatable manner that makes the process feel simplified and fluid.

I genuinely love what I do – I honestly can’t tell if I’m working or having fun. That’s why I make myself available to clients 24/7. Helping people grow their wealth is always compelling for me and I define my success only by that of my clients.

Mottet Wealth has been designed as a lifestyle practice that goes where I go, so I am never truly out of the office. It also gives my clients the flexibility to choose where we meet – come to my office, or I’ll join you at yours.


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