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I have a passion for helping people grow their wealth over the long term. I always tell my clients that good investing should be simple but not easy. That’s why I offer a free Retirement Reality Check assessment to show you how to improve your finances and help you decide if Mottet Wealth is the right financial fit for you.

Your free Retirement Reality Check will address some of the most common questions I am asked:

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Can I
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What are the
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What can I
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Should I take
Social Security?
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Are we a good fit?

Most of my clients are high level executives or small business owners, in the 40-75 year old age bracket and either retired or well into their working years. Regardless of age, they are always young at heart. The majority have lived well below their means with deferred gratification. They also really don’t like the task of trying to do this alone (especially when the numbers become larger).

Sound like you? Then please take the following four steps to receive your free Retirement Reality Check.

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How it works

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We begin with a short phone call to see if we are compatible and to assess overall interest in working together.

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Next we have either an in house meeting or virtual meeting to talk further about your retirement desires and goals. Also, prior to this meeting we would need to collect recent statements so we could review your current holdings.

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In this meeting, either in person or virtually, I provide you with my analysis of your financial situation and my recommendations.

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If you are happy with my recommendations (you are under no obligation), we would either meet in person to sign documents or we could implement things virtually by using DocuSign. As part of my ongoing service, I also have some cool technology whereby I can aggregate all your accounts into one login, which can help your stay organized and keep you on track.

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